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My Complimentary Sugar Cookies

April 17, 2017
Sugar Cookies

When did people get so¬†judgemental about a simple, vanilla-y sugar cookie? Nowadays, everyone has their eyes on a bigger prize, like double chocolate chip cookies… but how can people ¬†turn their noses up at sugar cookies? Maybe you guys have forgotten how divine it is to bite into the puffy, buttery goodness. Let me remind you of the joy: I bought these little cookie stamps, so you can make whatever message you want, for your bestie, your mum, dad, sister,…

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Chocolate Charlotte Cake

April 15, 2017
chocolate charlotte cake

Recently, I came accross an amaaaazing baking company called Silikomart. This is how I felt when I saw the amount of baking stuff they have: They have sooo many amazing baking shapes, and I wanted to make a nice chocolate cake for easter, so I ordered their Charlotte cake mould. It’s beauts! I also wanted to make raspberry flavoured chocolate gems so I ordered their chocolate gem moulds. Anyway, I bought a charlotte cake shaped cake silikon mould, and then…

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3 Minute Macademia Nut Butter

April 15, 2017
macademia nut butter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed that nut butter is all anyone can talk about. A lot of people have been doing almond, cashew, peanut or hazelnut butter. I bought a bunch of nuts, roasted them a little and made all of the above plus macademia butter. They’re all delicious, but I was honestly blown away by Macademia. You know how incredibly buttery they are, well they turn to a smooth silky butter in 3 minutes…

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