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All Hail Orangey S’more Cupcakes 

July 6, 2017
smore cupcakes recipe

  This was the song I was listening when I grabbed that orange juice and like a fiendishly wild person just poured it into my batter without much thought of chemistry. Oops. It kind of poured in, in slow motion as the chorus played… and in my mind there was definitely confetti and a bunch of people in the kitchen with me jumping around and dancing…   Sugar… it’s a hell of a drug. And as the name of my blog suggests……

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Pea and Basil Soup

June 20, 2017
pea and basil soup

It’s pretty obvious from the kind of things that I cook that I’m eating a lot of cake, icing and cookies. While I’m pretty body positive, I feel like eating the amount of sugar I currently am is probably gonna make my teeth and my insides rot a teensy bit. So this pea and basil soup is the start of me eating healthily in the week. I’ll still be baking and eating cake at the weekend.. because cake is happiness.…

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dinner ideas

Sri Lankan Fried Prawns & Quick Mango Pickle

June 2, 2017
sri lankan prawns

Summertime is a time for fried fish and seafood. Sri Lanka’s an island, and as a Sri Lankan my mum cooks lots of fish. She’ll just take a frying pan, add in some coconut oil, curry leaves, garlic, onion, turmeric curry powder and seafood, and Bob’s your uncle – you’ve got delicious fried fish. I’d let it cool down and eat it with my hands. It’s getting hot out, so here’s a take on my mum’s fried seafood, with my…

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