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OH LA LA Chocolate Chickpea Flour Gluten Free Waffles

July 12, 2017

Ah waffles… can’t live with them (you definitely can), can’t live without them (the truest thing ever). Now, sorry to be that person but you know how I sporadically (I genuinely learnt that word from Clueless) say I’m gluten free and then next thing you know i’m scooping an entire 2 person gluten-rich pie into my mouth. I love gluten. We all do. But I’m in another one of my less gluten phases but no waffles isn’t a thing for…

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dessert recipes ideas

My Mum’s Rasa Valli Kilangu Dessert Recipe

September 22, 2016

When I was growing up, once in a while (probably once in a purple moon) my mum would get some purple Sri Lankan yams from West Croydon’s famed Sri Lankan shop. If you haven’t been there… I’d highly recommend it. It’s like an Aladdin’s Cave of intriguing foods from all over. From rambutan and curry leaves to rasa valli kilangu (the purple yams) and crabs.   Anyway, it’s got such a lovely warming smell when it’s being boiled down with…

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