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3 Things you Need to Know About Baking Eclairs

February 19, 2017

Eclairs are easy. I know people will say… “no they aren’t” but they really are. They’re made from choux pastry, so they are a lot quicker to make than shortcrust which requires hours of fridge time to make it really special. With choux pastry, you can put it straight in the oven. Much quicker. As long as you know these three things about baking eclairs, and choux pastry in general then they’re easy. Believe me. Girth is important for an éclair So, you’ll need a…

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cake recipes

Cinnamon Churros with Matcha White Chocolate dip

February 3, 2017

Churros remind me of when I was a nineteen year old, fresh out of school, wandering the streets of Guadalajara at the peak of the hot season… at first my snack of choice was always the cookies and cream ice cream which they served by the gallon on the corner of my street. But after a few weeks, once the heat didn’t feel as hot and rough on my skin, I could finally deal with my first encounter with the…

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cake recipes

Christmas Gingerbread Cupcakes & Amazing Plates

December 8, 2016

I´m sitting in my living room… looking at my tiny little Christmas  tree with its lights twinkling away. My parents were here last weekend and they got me my first ever Christmas tree. A lot of mulled wine was drunk… and many mince pies were eaten… But it just wouldn’t be Christmas without ginger cupcakes. So, here they are. Plus I got a lovely early Christmas present… these beautiful Mimira plates from Anthropologie. If you’ve got a friend who likes…

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