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cake recipes

cake recipes

All Hail Orangey S’more Cupcakes 

July 6, 2017
smore cupcakes recipe

  This was the song I was listening when I grabbed that orange juice and like a fiendishly wild person just poured it into my batter without much thought of chemistry. Oops. It kind of poured in, in slow motion as the chorus played… and in my mind there was definitely confetti and a bunch of people in the kitchen with me jumping around and dancing…   Sugar… it’s a hell of a drug. And as the name of my blog suggests……

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cake recipes

Chocolate Charlotte Cake

April 15, 2017
chocolate charlotte cake

Recently, I came accross an amaaaazing baking company called Silikomart. This is how I felt when I saw the amount of baking stuff they have: They have sooo many amazing baking shapes, and I wanted to make a nice chocolate cake for easter, so I ordered their Charlotte cake mould. It’s beauts! I also wanted to make raspberry flavoured chocolate gems so I ordered their chocolate gem moulds. Anyway, I bought a charlotte cake shaped cake silikon mould, and then…

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Mini no bake berry cheesecakes

March 9, 2017

Good day fellow humans! It’s an exciting Thursday for me, not just because of these no bake berry cheesecakes. After a cold winter, the sun is starting to peep its head out. About time sun. My skin needs you. It’s withered into some grey colour which is in no way attractive. Not to exaggerate (I definitely am) but I’m starting to have the sallow skin akin to that of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. In other exciting news, my flatmate…

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