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3 Types of Choux

September 4, 2017

I love choux. Whether it’s my eclairs or the classic Gran Budapest Hotel Courtesan au chocolat, which inspired these BEAUTIES. If this is how you feel when you’re about to bite into your favourite sweet thing… the Hella Choux is for you: But if this is the kinda moves your excitement manifests as…: It’s the Fluffe Choux: If you don’t do either of those moves… then you should really start. Live a little! Ok, ok. So for you non shakers,…

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Gluten-free Chickpea Flour Pizza with Harissa & Halloumi

July 13, 2017

Ok, ok. So, maybe I’m going slightly overboard on the whole chick pea thing… but hear my out . Chick pea pizza is a darn sight quicker than that whole 27 hour process of making wheat pizza dough. All this rising and kneading makes me feel kinda starved. Chick pea pizza may not be like your average dominos, BUT if you like that coarse, fluffy texture of corn bread. You’re going to love it. Also – it’s still a pizza,…

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OH LA LA Chocolate Chickpea Flour Gluten Free Waffles

July 12, 2017

Ah waffles… can’t live with them (you definitely can), can’t live without them (the truest thing ever). Now, sorry to be that person but you know how I sporadically (I genuinely learnt that word from Clueless) say I’m gluten free and then next thing you know i’m scooping an entire 2 person gluten-rich pie into my mouth. I love gluten. We all do. But I’m in another one of my less gluten phases but no waffles isn’t a thing for…

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