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My Complimentary Sugar Cookies

April 17, 2017
Sugar Cookies

When did people get so judgemental about a simple, vanilla-y sugar cookie?

Nowadays, everyone has their eyes on a bigger prize, like double chocolate chip cookies… but how can people  turn their noses up at sugar cookies? Maybe you guys have forgotten how divine it is to bite into the puffy, buttery goodness. Let me remind you of the joy:

I bought these little cookie stamps, so you can make whatever message you want, for your bestie, your mum, dad, sister, your crush (super smooth may I add), or your lobster (if you haven’t watched this Friends episode… I’m giving you best quizzical brow / judgemental face).

Anyway, this is the recipe I always use. Always, always, always… this woman is a damn sugar cookie genius. She taught me that if you want a good sugar cookie… you better cool the shit out of them before you bake them.

… just saying. Follow the video.

Sugar Cookies

How to stamp your cookies

After you’ve cut your cookies into circles, that’s the perfect moment to stamp your message on. The put your cookies back  in the freezer for at least 12 minutes – but the longer the better. Then put in the oven as Haniela’s video says (above).

Sugar Cookies

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