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Cinnamon Churros with Matcha White Chocolate dip

February 3, 2017

Churros remind me of when I was a nineteen year old, fresh out of school, wandering the streets of Guadalajara at the peak of the hot season… at first my snack of choice was always the cookies and cream ice cream which they served by the gallon on the corner of my street. But after a few weeks, once the heat didn’t feel as hot and rough on my skin, I could finally deal with my first encounter with the churro. Even though that was almost 10 years ago (… how???) I still remember the guy piping that creamy looking batter into hot oil and then covering it in sugar… one of the best ways to cook batter I think.

So, here is my cinnamon churros recipe with matcha and white chocolate dip born out of that memory. They didn’t have the matcha but like the ridiculous food blogger I am, I thought it would work well. I still think it does… my boyfriend wasn’t sure, but he doesn’t really like green foods in general.

This is my first video… what do you think?

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