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Passion Fruit Caipirihna FUN!

July 11, 2016
passion fruit caipirihna recipe

When your girls come to town to visit you for the weekend… you know there are going to be many cocktails on the agenda. There was much trudging underway to find the passion fruit goodness… the supermarkets around my flat are literally lacking passion! We got there finally though, after a rather odd episode where my friend Amanda (@thefashionwaitingroom) and I got cat called by a bunch of what I can only imagine were 12 year old boys. It was a bit shocking… kids now days!!


Passion Fruit Caipirihna FUN!


  1. 4 limes, juiced
  2. 2 sliced of lime
  3. 2 tsp brown sugar
  4. 1 cup of crushed ice
  5. 40ml cachaça
  6. 2 passion fruit, fruit scooped out


  1. Get two chilled glasses
  2. add the sugar and lime juice into them, with one slice of lime in each glasses
  3. use a muddler to muddle them up
  4. add the ice in and mix thoroughly
  5. scoop in the passion fruit seeds and stir


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