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My Watermelon & Sour Cherry Cocktail

June 17, 2016


Only one day left guys… the weekend is almost upon us. I need a drink and a long snooooooze.

my drink of choice is this tangy, sour cherry and watermelon one… with some cocoa gin – that my mum got be from Hotel Chocolat. It’s super easy and super tasty. Bit tangy, bit sweet, very good for forgetting all about that hellish week you have been having.


My Watermelon & Sour Cherry Cocktail


  1. half a cup of sour cherry juice
  2. 2 slices watermelon, remove skin and seeds
  3. 1 measure cocoa gin
  4. a dash of soda water
  5. ice


  1. add your watermelon to a food processor and make some watermelon juice
  2. add ice, watermelon juice, sour cherry juice, gin into your cocktail shaker and shake up
  3. pour into your glass
  4. leave a bit of space to add some soda water



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