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Cafe Love: Charlie’s Asian Bakery

February 18, 2015

Charlie's Asian Bakery Berlin | Sugar Thumb

If you’re someone who finds the whole gluten-free, vegan, clean eating, tree hugging thing too much, you might want to stop reading now. But on the other hand, I’ve been a gluten-free cynic since my mum and sister went gluten-free a while ago… but this place had my taste buds doing Mexican waves.

It seemed fairly ridiculous that I live a mere 5 minute walk away from it and had never been. So during my lunch break today, I grabbed my camera and rushed down there… asked the waitress sheepishly if I could take some photos. I couldn’t be a more awkward and embarrassed person if I tried… I blame it on my Britishness. But to be fair people look at me like.. “OH lord.. taking pictures of food are we ? What a mug”.

gluten free mango tart | Sugar Thumb

Charlie’s Bakery has that whole Berlin “we don’t do matching chairs” vibe going on but with class – the interior is fully beautiful. Basically, it feels clean, and stylish and like you don’t need to brush your seat off before you sit down – it doesn’t have that grunginess that a lot of cafes do. The baristas were cool and the variety of cakes, snacks and coffees I hadn’t tried before was broad.  A lot of the cakes are made with rice flour, so no gluten and they aren’t all dry and crumbly like you’d expect. They’re exceedingly delightful. I had this really awesome pomegranate and mango tart with saffron threads… fancy! Other than a large array of cakes with various levels of “Asian” twists such as fruit from that part of the world and matcha, they also have savoury options such as Banh Bao and summer rolls..

There is a really nice ambience and for all those freelancers and students who are sick of Oberholz being your only option – the answer to your question is “YES They have free, really good wifi (!!!!) “.

Coffee wise – they have all the standard coffees but they also have Matcha Lattes and Vietnamese Coffee. And LORD is Vietnamese Coffee good. It’s basically extremely sweet, creamy coffee. The woman who served me let me smell the ground coffee and said “vanilla”.  I’m not completely savvy about all these new wave drip devices for coffee – but they used a coffee drip system to make the coffee and they had added thick sweet condensed milk to the cup. Unacceptably sweet – unacceptably AMAZING!

Charlie's Asian Bakery Berlin | Sugar ThumbVietnamese coffee Berlin | Sugar Thumb

Charlie's Asian Bakery Berlin | Sugar Thumb


Charlie's Asian Bakery Berlin | Sugar Thumb Charlie's Asian Bakery Berlin | Sugar Thumb


Charlie's Asian Bakery Berlin | Sugar Thumb Free wifi cafe Berlin | Sugar Thumb

Charlie's Asian Bakery Berlin | Sugar Thumb

So – to summarise: Chairs and sofas that you can sink into, chilled vibe, unadulterated sweet goodness in the form of coffee and cake and no bloating for people who have gluten intolerance.

Where is Charlie’s Asian Bakery?

Oranienstraße 187
10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Which Ubahn station is best?

Kottbusser Tor u8

What are the opening times?

Mon–Fri 09:00–20:00
Sat–Sun 10:00–20:00

Is Charlie’s Asian Bakery gluten-free, organic & vegan??


Charlie’s Asian Bakery website

Charlie's Asian Bakery Berlin | Sugar Thumb


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  • Reply Joanne February 19, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Oh man…I might want to move in there. The tart looks so good!

    • Reply Trisha February 19, 2015 at 12:57 pm

      it was sooo amazing!

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