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Cafe of the Month: Katie’s Blue Cat

March 5, 2014

Südstern food market Berlin

You know that feeling when you wake up on a saturday morning. Head pounding. No water to be seen by the bed. Fully dressed. and think.. oh shit. WHY did I drink so much last night. That’s how I felt on Saturday when I woke up. I went to me friend’s stand up show and the bar had this crazy way of serving wine. In little shot glasses from a jug. I blame that method for my drunkenness – not my own love of wine on a Friday.

Anyway, so I felt the only way to recover was to go and bask in the late morning sun and walk around Berlin. I walked up to the food market by Sudstern station. It is great. I tried some Sardinian specialities there, bought some herbed salt and tasted some homemade pesto. All these things really helped me feel less terrible. Just the buzz of people chatting and munching is enough to uplift anyone. #foodmarketsarethebest

Südstern food market Berlin

I then met my friend Derya at a cafe that she recommended called Katie’s Blue Cat. It is in the perfect location for a Saturday session of people watching and sun basking. On the corner of Friedelstrasse, just by where the Turkish market on Maybachufer ends, with a clear view of the canal. I got there 10 minutes early and just sat and took it all in. Took some photos of the place and the staff are super friendly and inviting. Normally I feel really awkward when taking photos at restaurants in Berlin because the staff never seem happy about it. But these guys, well they were great. They asked me about when it would be on my blog with enthusiasm and you could tell there was a good team vibe going down in there.

Katie's Blue Cat

Katie's Blue Cat review

There is a kitchen at the back which constantly gives wafts of new flavours, new things being freshly baked. First it was rhubarb, then it was chocolate.. there is something so cozy about that smell of baking in a cafe. I felt really secure in the fact that what I was eating was fresh and made with love. It’s not a big place, but it has nooks and details to it that are a treat for the eye. This shelf of these wonderful lemonade bottles, cute cards displayed by the coffee machine. The GOLDEN SYRUP they sell there.. and the blue frame of the windows and doors. It has some of that ecleticness that we all love about Berlin cafes but it also has a beautiful and clear look to it, a real identity. If I saw photos of it I’m pretty sure I would guess straight away where it was.

Katie's Blue Cat cafe berlin

So yes, I have fallen in love a little bit with this place. Mainly because of what I am about to tell you. I had never eaten a whoopie pie before saturday. I thought of them as a novelty or a whimsy that I didn’t need to explore – what a fool I was. Katie’s Blue Cat has whoopie pies that make you want to hug the baker. The pumpkin ones I tried with cream cheese filling left me and my friend speechless. We made a lot of sounds “ooooo”ing and “ahhhh”ing.. but no actual words. SO GOOD.

best cakes Berlin

best cakes Berlin

best cakes Berlin

My one regret is that I didn’t try their pies – which looked great. So I will be back there this weekend for a slice of pie!

Thanks to the staff for letting me take photos and for the great friendly service :).

Trisha x

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