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Strawberry Tea Cakes

May 24, 2013

strawberry tea cakes

strawberry tea cakes

So, you may have noticed Β that I have a thing for tea cakes. I think they are very sophisticated and sweet and less cutesy than their american counterpart the cupcake. You may also recognise this strawberry sponge from somewhere else! I had some strawberries that were getting a bit mushy (as you can see) and so I thought a cake would be the best place for them… I know.. it’s a recurring trend. So, just use the sponge recipe from my Strawberry cake recipe.

Tea Cake Baking instructions:

All you need is a cupcake tray WITHOUT THE CASES. Grease each case with butter and tap with some flour OR use grease proof paper cut into a circle at the bottom of each case. Then add the mixture until about halfway up, and bake for about 10-12 minutes at 175Β°C.

Leave them to cool a bit, and then twist the top with you finger tips to loosen…

Then munch awaaaaaaaay.

Happy Weekend people! I am going to be at the Hive blogger conference this weekend. See some of you there!

Trisha x

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