Blood orange salad with feta & walnut

blood orange salad

Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I’m prepping for Spring already. My colleagues keep gasping when I walk into work in fairly Spring-friendly clothing… “But, aren’t you cold?”. I’m English.. so any shred of sun at this time of year will and MUST be received almost as if it were full sunbathing weather. Don’t worry… I didn’t show up to work in a bikini, but while everyone else is still piling on the layers I have had enough of it. Enough of 3 layers forming some kind of flumpish shape under my coat, enough of being the perfect temperature outside but almost collapsing from heat exhaustion on the Ubahn and enough of feeling moleish.

An additional bonus of Spring is that piping hot root vegetables will be replaced by light pretty and delicious side salads. I love a root vegetable, but in the word’s of … someone – Variety is the spice of life.

blood orange salad

This recipe is incredibly easy and incredibly delicious – it works really well with lamb or duck dishes. Just cut the skin off the oranges, slice them up, add some crumbled feta or sheep cheese, some walnuts and some green salad leaves. Then season with a bit of salt, and drizzle balsamic and olive oil over it and you have yourself a blood orange salad and a great side dish.

In other news this almost-Spring, I am not normally a tulip fan, but how amazing are these two toned ones?!?! WTF.

yellow and pink tulips

Happy Spring!

Trisha x


Mini spelt chocolate loaves & Sunday links

chocolate spelt cake recipe  | Sugar Thumb

After going out last night, stumbling in at 4 in the morning… eating some curry and then passing out…  I was dreading the hangover. BUT I finally remembered what my mamma told me – ” just drink water…”. Obviously we all know this, but who can actually say they do this? Well… I did it.. and I woke up today bounced out of bed like some kind of exciteable cocker spaniel. I got a new silicone mini loaf baking pan last week, and I wanted to make some delicious easy mini chocolate spelt loaves for a Sunday morning that dreams are made of.

Spelt chocolate loaves… and chocolate ice cream for breakfast. Standard.

chocolate spelt cake recipe  | Sugar Thumb

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Cafe Love: Charlie’s Asian Bakery

Charlie's Asian Bakery Berlin | Sugar Thumb

As I mentioned a few posts back, I am finally making sure that I actually see all the amazing cafes and taste all the delicious coffees and cakes to be had in Berlin. I recently read about  Charlie’s Asian Bakery on Oranienstrasse in Kreuzberg on Stil in Berlin and they were raving about it. It seemed fairly ridiculous that I live a mere 5 minutes walk away from it and had never been. So during my lunch break today, I grabbed my camera and rushed down there… asked the waitress somewhat sheepishly if I could take some photos. Why do I always feel so embarassed? I think it’s because I think people look at me like.. “OH lord.. taking pictures of food are we – how very hipster of you”. But meh, I’m 27 now, I really should have gotten over myself (and when I say myself, I actually mean other snidy people) by now.

gluten free mango tart | Sugar Thumb

Charlie's Asian Bakery Berlin | Sugar ThumbVietnamese coffee Berlin | Sugar Thumb

Charlie's Asian Bakery Berlin | Sugar Thumb

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Nourish Book review and sweet omelette recipe

Nourish by Sadie Frost book reviewLemon and poppyseed omelettte recipe

Guten TAG lovely people.

So – you may have noticed that I haven’t posted for a whole week – SHOCK HORROR! Well, It has been my birthday – I just turned 27 and I think it’s going to be an awesome year! I spent a very LONG weekend in London seeing friends and family and it was absolutely what I needed. Thanks to my family and friends- particularly my parents – for making it so immense. My mum cooked such a ridiculously epic meal on Sunday.. when people sat down to eat, nobody said anything for a full 4 minutes because the food was so nice. I miss her cooking!

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Blood Orange cheesecake recipe & the British Heart Foundation

Orange cheesecake recipe | Sugar ThumbHappy Monday people

I had the most insanely bad Sunday blues – why are Monday’s so far away from the weekend? I did have a small New Girl marathon with my flatmate, Toby, and I had forgotten how hilarious it is. The episode guys night, Winston and the ruler and Schmidt and the washing machine is soo outrageously funny – if you haven’t watched it. GET ON IT.
Anyway, as I’m newly single, I have joined Tinder. OH LORD. Tinder is so addictive and yet so terrible. I like swiping.. but as soon as I actually have to talk to a guy I throw up a little bit in my mouth. Plus, where is the good chat? Note to guys on Tinder: starting a chat with “hey cutie” followed by some kind of emoticon isn’t going to get you far. Anyway, it’s very stalkerish as an app, and I am terrified of running in to one of the guys on Tinder in the train. I think I might have to delete it. My conclusive review on Tinder is: lots of hotties – but a veritable lack of banter – 5/10.

orange cheesecake recipe | Sugar Thumb

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Lactose-free peach, blueberry and chocolate crumble

peach, blueberry and chocolate crumble

Oh crumble. What a delicious piece of nostalgia you are and how at home you make me feel. While most crumble lovers will agree that chocolate isn’t the most traditional of things – they will also probably agree that such a rule is absurd.

My first experience of chocolate in a crumble was in my final year of university. I remember it so well. Lucy was sitting at the kitchen table making her mum’s pear and chocolate crumble… It was SOOO amazing. The buttery crumble top mixed with the chocolatey texture and the tang of fruit, it so divine. Have a go next time.

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Mini pistachio Buckwheat cakes

mini pistachio cakes |Sugar ThumbI first noticed mini layer cakes over at Molly’s blog – she made these lovely looking citrus cakes. They are so elegant and sophisticated, like an adults cupcake. Obviously cupcakes are for adults too…

In my last post I used spelt flour for my thyme & passion fruit waffles, which is pretty novel for me. Don’t worry, this ain’t a bandwagon thing. I just want to avoid using plain white flour only, because it’s not only a bit limited, but also, I think other flours offer different textures, flavours and nutritious value. I even bought chestnut flour, but have yet to try that out.

easy pistachio cakes |Sugar Thumb


I am in suuch a good mood, because my good friend Toby is back from three months travelling – last I heard he was dressed as a Queen Bee in Brazil for pre carnival. And I can’t wait to hear all his stories and gossip about the new Game of Thrones trailer. Have you guys seen it? I’m buzzing. In my head right now this is what’s happening:

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lemon drizzle cake with poppy seed recipe

lemon drizzle cake

Happy Tuesday people!

Today – I have a lemon drizzle cake recipe for you. It’s actually one of my very dear friend’s birthdays today and this is her favourite cake. As I can’t be with her today, this cake is my Ode to Cleo.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to this cake. Some people believe poppy seeds are just TOO much and that a thick layer of icing on top is the key to the perfect lemon drizzle. To those people I say… calm yourselves. I prefer a very poppy seeded up, syrupy cake with less of the icing. But that’s just me.

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