Sugar-Free Cocoa Bircher Muesli with Grapefruit

cocoa bircher muesli sugar free

You probably remember my numerous rants about breakfast. My constant questioning of how anyone can realistically wake up to prepare breakfast rather than hitting the snooze button about 20 times. But… bircher muesli is the answer guys. You just prepare it the night before and then bleary eyed you can sprinkle on some nuts and fruit. SO HEALTHY, plus it’s deliciously sweet because I mashed up some bananas and added them in over night. No sugar, no dates and no honey in sight!! Continue reading

Marbled Chocolate and Pumpkin Cake

pumpkin cake

Pumpkin. The word comes from French and before that from the Greek word pepon. which means large melon. While I could sit and speculate on why exactly anyone would think a pumpkin is like a melon, that would be kind of a waste of time. I guess they can be big… and so can melons, but that’s pretty much it. I love pumpkin, and melons like canteloupes and honey melon I just don’t see any appeal in.

pumpkin cake

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Pineapple and basil syrup waffles recipe

Pineapple and Basil syrup waffles

Tomorrow is the BIG WAFFLE day down at Das Brunch at Hallesches Haus (Berlin). Any Berliners who want delicious brunch food and drink – come down between 10am and 6pm to get your bellies filled.

This is one of four waffles that we have on offer. The recipe was actually created by my friend Cleo and it is baked pineapple and basil syrup waffles. Don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Our other waffles include a sweet potato waffle with rum and salt caramel, a mixed berry waffle with nutella and chocolate and finally our savoury dill waffles with herbed creme fraiche, smoked salmon and capers or if you are veggie we have a delicious beetroot and carrot salad instead of the salmon.


baked pineapple

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The perfect chocolate chip cookie: the search begins

chocolate chip cookie recipe

So, today I had a day where I was craving chocolate chip cookies, but not the ones that you buy in a pack. I am talking about the type of cookies that you eat as soon as they come out of your oven, still gooey and the chocolate burns your tongue a bit (but it’s totally worth it). I scanned my favourite blogs for the cookie that I thought could take on my expectations and I found Sally’s oh so divine recipe.

best chocolate chip cookie recipe


As you can probably tell when you compare the look of Sally and my end results, because I am the greediest kind of chocolate lover i added a complimentary chunk of chocolate on top of each cookie. That. Shit. Cray.

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Das Brunch in Berlin: WFL (waffles with bite)

waffles Das Brunch Berlin

Hey guys,

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a nice weekend. This is just a really quick post to let you know that on 9th May, my friend Cleo and I will be making waffles at Das Brunch at Hallesches Haus, Berlin.

Das Brunch is an awesome food event where you can enjoy home cooked food, great music and delicious drinks. If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend you pop down. We are going to be making both sweet and savory waffles with all kinds of amazing fillings and toppings – you can see in our photo above we have some delicious berry waffles. We have called our stand WFL – waffles with bite.

Come down, hang out, eat brunch.

waffles Das Brunch Berlin

Strawberry & chocolate peek-a-boo pie

chocolate and strawberry pie

Happy Hump day!

This past week has been a bit crazy, but now it’s calming down and  I have Friday off because a friend is coming to visit. Tres excited as you can imagine. I saw this amazing polka dot pie on Brooklyn Suppers and I was inspired to create mini and slightly inverse versions – with a bit of chocolate, because everybody loves chocolate.

strawberry & chocolate pie

Here are some of my other favourite links from around the blogosphere:

  1. This amazing asparagus soup from Green Kitchen Stories
  2. Peanut Butter Cheese Crackers from the guys at Minimalist Bakers
  3. Umm this unbelievable Banana and chocolate crunch cake from Hummingbird High
  4.  Just in time for Spring: Yossy’s Ricotta Gelato
  5. Amazing Ricotta & Cardamom Citrus Cake from Broken Bread – those photos. WOW!
  6. Mumbai Burger from Kraut Kopf – i love this blog!
  7. Pecan and Date Bliss balls …. amazing.
  8. Blue Ribbon biscuits from The crepes of Wrath

strawberry & chocolate pie strawberry & chocolate pie

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