Sweet Potato, Coconut & Banana cakes

sugar free sweet potato, banana and coconut cake

I love cake. I think that’s pretty apparent.

 I also like to be able to fit into my jeans. Maybe less apparent, but it’s kind of annoying when all the cakes one if baking and eating mean your love handles floweth over your jeans.
What’s also a bit annoying is when mirrors lie. I mean… I went to London for work with my pal and we both saw our asses in the mirror at the “hotel”. I say “hotel” because i’m sure it was some kind of parrallel universe where asses look way fatter then they are. That must have been it.
Anyway, so, for a brief period of a few weeks before I go to Brazil where I’m going to be wearing a bikini, I’ve put the whole cakes thang on pause. The part of my brain that controls my sugar intake isn’t at all enthused about this idea. Which is how this sweet potato, banana and coconut flour cake was born. I topped it with some yoghurt and berries.

sugar free sweet potato, banana and coconut cake

sugar free sweet potato, banana and coconut cake

Sugar Free Sweet Potato, Coconut & Banana cakes


  1. 2 sweet potatoes, mashed
  2. 1 banana, mashed
  3. 1 cup coconut flour
  4. plain yoghurt
  5. 1 vanilla pod
  6. strawberries & raspberries


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C and line a baking tray with grease proof paper
  2. Mix your mashed sweet potato, banana and coconut flour in a bowl thoroughly
  3. Take a handful of the mixture and make into a patty, repeat until mixture finished
  4. Place side by side (but not touching) on your baking tray and bake for 25 mins
  5. Allow to chill slightly
  6. Meanwhile in a separate bowl, cut the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds into the yoghurt and mix
  7. Add a dollop ontop of each sweet potato cake
  8. Sprinkle on some berries
  9. dig in!

My Lil Hazelpuffs Recipe

Hazelpuffs Recipe

Hazelpuffs Recipe

ahhhhh weekend HOW I LOVE YOU. I’d literally kiss your feet if you’d just be around more. Where you always sneaking off to? It’s not cool the way you do that, but I forgive you purely because you’re so divine.

This is how you make me feel:

But enough about you. It’s not all about you.


It’s about puff pastry stuffed with nutella and berries


The background: My whole family came to Berlin for my birthday back in February. Organised by my fabulous parents! Thanks mum and daaad!
Well not whole family, that would have been an entire Easyjet Airbus. Just the 9 best ones came.


During that time, to my angry neighbour’s complete WRATH – but seriously he lives on the 4th floor and I live on the first… how does he even HEAR ME. Anyway, sorry, back to the story, during that time, we celebrated my birthday by cooking enough Moussaka to sink a large cruiseliner and eating it and drinking a LOT. That’s how we do. During this moussaka driven, margerita, wine, beer and vodka fuelled party… the lock on my bathroom door stopped working.


While my mum was inside.


Being the drunken fools we were in that moment, we found every kind of tool (and not tool) in my flat to try and save her. From a teaspoon to a ladel. At one point, my sister charged in looking oh so happy with herself with a piece of a drawer, A DRAWER. She is a comic genius and that moment and her face are probably one of the best and most hilarious memories of her this year. She was holding it like a rifle. Ready for action. Anyway, I have to say, I drew the line at sides of drawers and we called the emergency locksmiths.


Golly, those guys must have such job satisfaction. Everyone they meet is SO relieved to seem them and they get paid pretty well. And by pretty well, I mean extortionately well.


Anyway, that’s not really the story, that’s just randomness. It was a great weekend even given the lock disaster. And, my mum left some gluten-free puff pastry in my freezer. So, last Sunday, when all the shops were smugly shut, I had the last laugh. HA. ha ha ha!


These are so easy. I call them “My little Hazelpuffs”. Deal with it.


 Hazelpuffs Recipe Hazelpuffs Recipe (more…)

Squid Ink Bolognese


I love black pasta. It looks so awesome…

This is the shortest post in the world because I literally couldn´t be more hungover. Note to self – cocktails are NOT your friend.

Happy Sunday

gluten free banana bread & hazelnut recipe

gluten free banana bread recipe

Sometimes, when you wake up on a Sunday, you just need a big chunk of banana bread. But not the bogstandard kind, more the kind that’s full of salty, bitter dark chocolate and nicely roasted hazelnuts. Mmmmm.

Inspired by Martha’s awesome banana bread, I used gluten-free flour and daaaaym was it good.

gluten free banana bread recipe

gluten free banana bread recipe


Unbenannt-1 (more…)

Almond Milk, berries and cinnamon

dairy free breakfast recipe

I’m dairy free and gluten free at the moment. My mum and sister both have a deficiency in T3 which helps your metabolism. Apparently, gluten and dairy are not your friend if that’s the case. So, I decided to give it a try… (more…)

Gluten-free cookies for my Mum

gluten free cookies recipe

My mother is a complete miracle. I know a lot of people say things like that about their mums. But I’m not just saying it because I love her. Even from the most objective of standpoints, even if she wasn’t my mum or even related to me, I’d say the same. (more…)

A Fourth Birthday Cake for HelloFresh

cherry and coconut cake

I took some photos of this amazing coconut and cherry cake that Kimberley Wilson of GBBO baked for HelloFresh’s 4th Birthday. (more…)

Avocado, Pea & Salmon Breakfast Omelette

pea, avocado and salmon omelette. High protein

When the world gives you lemon, make lemonade. But when the universe makes you feel all sicky and weird, make a salmon, avocado and pea omelette. That’s not a command, but I would definitely recommend it (and commend it) in equal measure. (more…)

Sugar-Free Cocoa Bircher Muesli with Grapefruit

cocoa bircher muesli sugar free

You probably remember my numerous rants about breakfast. My constant questioning of how anyone can realistically wake up to prepare breakfast rather than hitting the snooze button about 20 times. But… bircher muesli is the answer guys. You just prepare it the night before and then bleary eyed you can sprinkle on some nuts and fruit. SO HEALTHY, plus it’s deliciously sweet because I mashed up some bananas and added them in over night. No sugar, no dates and no honey in sight!! (more…)

Marbled Chocolate and Pumpkin Cake

pumpkin cake

Pumpkin. The word comes from French and before that from the Greek word pepon. which means large melon. While I could sit and speculate on why exactly anyone would think a pumpkin is like a melon, that would be kind of a waste of time. I guess they can be big… and so can melons, but that’s pretty much it. I love pumpkin, and melons like canteloupes and honey melon I just don’t see any appeal in.

pumpkin cake



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