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Sri Lankan Hoppers Recipe with Egg & Spicy Spinach

January 29, 2018
Sri Lankan Hoppers Recipe

Eggs, right? They’re just so good. So versatile. So quick to make. You can put them on toast, on a muffin with hollandaise sauce, scramble them or have them in a tasty Shakshuka. But recently, I made an egg curry with my grandma’s hoppers recipe and the exact phone call I had with my boyfriend was as follows: Me: “I’m making egg curry” Boyfriend: “Is that a thing?” Me: “It’s a thing.” Boyfriend: “Not sure it’s a thing”. Simply said,…

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That Shortbread Recipe the Internet is Peeing its Pants About.

January 24, 2018
shortbread cookies chocolate chip recipe

So first, there was this photo of said shortbread recipe on Bon Appetit Mag’s Instagram feed… and my initial reaction was. Cute.   Then as I fell down the internet rabbit hole, there was me, the sucker for a good, not even click bait, just friendly, nudging title that made me go… go on then…   The most satisfying part of this recipe, other than munching on cookies that were piping hot and burning my entire mouth in a weirdly…

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3 Types of Choux

September 4, 2017

I love choux. Whether it’s my eclairs or the classic Gran Budapest Hotel Courtesan au chocolat, which inspired these BEAUTIES. If this is how you feel when you’re about to bite into your favourite sweet thing… the Hella Choux is for you: But if this is the kinda moves your excitement manifests as…: It’s the Fluffe Choux: If you don’t do either of those moves… then you should really start. Live a little! Ok, ok. So for you non shakers,…

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