Pineapple and basil syrup waffles recipe

Pineapple and Basil syrup waffles

Tomorrow is the BIG WAFFLE day down at Das Brunch at Hallesches Haus (Berlin). Any Berliners who want delicious brunch food and drink – come down between 10am and 6pm to get your bellies filled.

This is one of four waffles that we have on offer. The recipe was actually created by my friend Cleo and it is baked pineapple and basil syrup waffles. Don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Our other waffles include a sweet potato waffle with rum and salt caramel, a mixed berry waffle with nutella and chocolate and finally our savoury dill waffles with herbed creme fraiche, smoked salmon and capers or if you are veggie we have a delicious beetroot and carrot salad instead of the salmon.


baked pineapple

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The perfect chocolate chip cookie: the search begins

chocolate chip cookie recipe

So, today I had a day where I was craving chocolate chip cookies, but not the ones that you buy in a pack. I am talking about the type of cookies that you eat as soon as they come out of your oven, still gooey and the chocolate burns your tongue a bit (but it’s totally worth it). I scanned my favourite blogs for the cookie that I thought could take on my expectations and I found Sally’s oh so divine recipe.

best chocolate chip cookie recipe


As you can probably tell when you compare the look of Sally and my end results, because I am the greediest kind of chocolate lover i added a complimentary chunk of chocolate on top of each cookie. That. Shit. Cray.

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Das Brunch in Berlin: WFL (waffles with bite)

waffles Das Brunch Berlin

Hey guys,

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a nice weekend. This is just a really quick post to let you know that on 9th May, my friend Cleo and I will be making waffles at Das Brunch at Hallesches Haus, Berlin.

Das Brunch is an awesome food event where you can enjoy home cooked food, great music and delicious drinks. If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend you pop down. We are going to be making both sweet and savory waffles with all kinds of amazing fillings and toppings – you can see in our photo above we have some delicious berry waffles. We have called our stand WFL – waffles with bite.

Come down, hang out, eat brunch.

waffles Das Brunch Berlin

Strawberry & chocolate peek-a-boo pie

chocolate and strawberry pie

Happy Hump day!

This past week has been a bit crazy, but now it’s calming down and  I have Friday off because a friend is coming to visit. Tres excited as you can imagine. I saw this amazing polka dot pie on Brooklyn Suppers and I was inspired to create mini and slightly inverse versions – with a bit of chocolate, because everybody loves chocolate.

strawberry & chocolate pie

Here are some of my other favourite links from around the blogosphere:

  1. This amazing asparagus soup from Green Kitchen Stories
  2. Peanut Butter Cheese Crackers from the guys at Minimalist Bakers
  3. Umm this unbelievable Banana and chocolate crunch cake from Hummingbird High
  4.  Just in time for Spring: Yossy’s Ricotta Gelato
  5. Amazing Ricotta & Cardamom Citrus Cake from Broken Bread – those photos. WOW!
  6. Mumbai Burger from Kraut Kopf – i love this blog!
  7. Pecan and Date Bliss balls …. amazing.
  8. Blue Ribbon biscuits from The crepes of Wrath

strawberry & chocolate pie strawberry & chocolate pie

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how to cook courgettes

cooking with courgettes
A few days ago I got an email from a reader saying that she really wants to be healthier. I hear you! My parents just came to visit and brought what seemed like a whole suitcase of chocolates.. which is already mainly gone. Oops. I am a chocaholic. There is no denying it.

But I am also a vegetable lover, so at least it’s a bit of a ying yang situation. I thought I would do a couple of posts on how to cook vegetables in a healthy but still delicious way. Starting with how to cook courgettes, or as the rest of the english speaking world calls them – zucchinis. You know those long, green cucumber looking things? I chose a couple of different types of courgettes, because they look sweet together, like a family of random shapes and sizes.

Everyone can relate to that feeling when you get sloppy, boring looking courgettes served on their plate. When this happened when I was younger, my sister and I used to squeeze the water out with looks of horror on our faces. For me, courgettes boiled to death in water is JUST WRONG. One of the big issues I hear people complain about with vegetables is that they don’t know what to do with them to make them tasty while still remaining nutritious and healthy. If you boil vegetables to death, so many of the nutrients just get lost in the water – which is then thrown away! A better way of keeping this nutrition would be in a soup or stew. BUT make sure you add vegetables that take longer to cook – like potatoes and carrots – earlier and vegetables that go soggy easily – like courgettes – a few minutes before you serve.

courgette soup recipes:

  1. Spinach & Zucchini soup
  2. Courgette & Parmesan soup
  3. Courgette, potato & cheddar soup
  4. Roast Garlic & zucchini soup
  5. Silky Zucchini soup

my tips on cooking courgettes:

  1. Grate and marinate
  2. Slice and grill
  3. Spiralize and steam
  4. Stew with beans

Grate & marinate your courgettes

how to cook courgettes how to cook zucchinis

grated zucchini with yoghurtgrated courgettes with yoghurt

This is another great side dish – it’s a courgette take on indian Raita.  Great with barbecues, meats and in tacos!

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healthy chicken wraps with pomegranate

healthy chicken wraps recipe

This post is somewhat ironic. I was all ready for Spring yesterday and then this morning I woke up to a blizzard – no doubt Berlin Winter getting revenge for the tiny bit of Spring spirit we have all had recently. BUT if Spring were here, these chicken, chilli and pomegranate wraps would be ideal.

My parents and my uncle and his wife visited Berlin this weekend – and we ate, a LOT. We went to Pauly Saal which is an amazing restaurant in Mitte in the building of an old Jewish Girls’ School. The building is lovely and the interior is also really cool. The staff are really friendly and chilled and the food… well the food was probably some of the best I have ever eaten. I had pike, which normally I avoid because I find it tastes kind of muddy because it’s a river fish, but the waiter was so adamant that it was delicious. He was on point. It was delicious. My family had the amazing amazing pork belly. It’s pretty expensive, but if you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Berlin for a fancy occasion, this is the place. It’s also in the same building as Mogg & Melzer, which is a fantastic lunch cafe that serves salt beef sandwiches.

pomegranate and chicken wraps

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Spelt Raspberry & chocolate breakfast cakes

Spelt Raspberry & chocolate breakfast cakes

Who has seen Man seeking Woman? It’s a series and funnily enough it is about a man on the search for the woman of his dreams. When you watch the first few minutes of the first episode you are convinced that it is set in the real world – but then there are all these amazingly hilarious surreal and outrageous additions which will make you cackle. If you need a laugh – WATCH THIS SHOW.

What else is new? I was having one of those days yesterday, where I felt super low for no reason. Then I realised it’s probably something to do with hormones. I listened to Kelis – Bounce and it made me feel a lot better. I think all I needed was a night in – I have been going out way too much and it has been amazing, but I needed a break. So, I stayed in and baked these raspberry & chocolate cake and it was just what I needed.

Also – my feedly is just exploding with beautiful recipes, so here are some I wanted to share. One of my favourite design blogs is Judith’s Joelix and I absolutely love when my favourite non-food bloggers do food posts – particularly when they are as appealing as this one. For all of those of you who love sweet things but are trying to cut down on sugar – here is a lovely sugar-free lemon meringue pie.


Spelt Raspberry & chocolate breakfast cakes

I haven’t posted about cupcakes in ages because I have been focusing on other types of baked goods – but do you remember my rose-frosting cupcakes? When I saw these beautiful flower cupcakes I was blown away – CHECK IT OUT!

Also – I love these photos from Cookie and Kate of a veggie thai green curry and these really cool Montreal style bagels – never seen them before, but I like that they are thinner than the average bagel, they remind me of Simits.

The absolute piece de resistance has to be this vegan no bake cheesecake from Call me Cupcake. She is amazing and I HAVE to make this.

Spelt Raspberry & chocolate breakfast cakes

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Double Chocolate cheesecake muffins

Double Chocolate cheesecake muffins

As part of my new job, I travel to Leipzig every Wednesday. It seems like a really cool city from what I have heard and seen of it.  As part of this, my colleagues have a tradition of buying a double chocolate cheesecake muffin from Starbucks and getting it warmed up for the ride home.

I took one look at those babies and thought… I need to bake them. So here is my take on them. I looked up a couple of recipes, and many of them didn’t use egg for the cake batter. I personally think egg is really important for muffins, because it gives them that fluffier, airier feeling. So, my recipe has eggs in, but feel free to leave them out, if you like a denser cake.

Double Chocolate cheesecake muffins

I also had a lovely weekend of hanging out with friends, eating, drinking and dancing. My friend Izzy is just training to become a tour guide in Berlin, so she took us on a 4 hour walking tour of the city.. and I am seriously impressed by both her knowledge and how interesting the history of Berlin is. We learnt about everything from the inception of Berlin to the current day. Continue reading

Happy belated Women’s day, Monday love & links

red rice, mango and chocolate tart

hey leute!

Sorry for the lack of recipes of late – I have been working on some fun collaborations which have been taking up most of my time – but I will tell you more about them once they are live. I had a hectic week last week. It was my first week of work at the wonderful Spreadshirt, so there has been lots of training and meeting new people. Everyone has been amazeballs. So…. phewf. I ordered my first tshirt from them today… seriously excited to get it. Will let you all know what it’s like.

So this weekend I baked all this stuff – cranberry, orange and chocolate cookies , this pear, buckwheat and almond cake which was inspired by a photo I saw from my fave cafe Roamers which I talked about a while ago here. Not sure if theirs was apple or pear, but I went with pear.

cranberry, orange and chocolate cookies | Sugar Thumb Trisha Jones Cookies | Sugar Thumb

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